BLACKBOOK | released



1st edition of 50 comes signed & numbered.

Hardcover, 248 pages, 210×297 mm
English & German language

A retrospective of the last 10 years, covering artworks: Canvas, Metal Sculptures, Designer Toy Customs.

Authors: Nick Curtis (CoART Mag, USA) // Sarah München, Germany // VISEone
Layout: Dominik Bläsius

self published

50,00 Euro plus shipping

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EATSPRAYFUCK – solo exhibition

New solo exhibition at SCHAUstudio in Koblenz, Germany.
I will present new canvas works and also release and present my book “BLACKBOOK by VISEone” which just got finished and features lot of my works from the last 10 years. Including canvasworks, sculptures and custom designertoys I made.

Opening reception is on 28th of october at 19:00 cet.


BLACKBOOK – a retrospective

With my upcoming show I also wanted to get my book ready. It’s a retrospective of my works I did since 2007 – so a 10th anniversary if you like.
I hope to get everything together in time to have some copies available at the show.
Thanks to my friend Dominik who does all the layout and editing work. A big thanks to Nick Curtis and Sarah München – they took care of the written content.

I am looking forward to see the final product and will let you know whenever they are available for order.


“NO LIMIT!” at the art fair “KÖLNER LISTE”

The SCHAUstudio gallery from Koblenz exhibited at the art fair in cologne “KÖLNER LISTE“.

Next to canvas works by René Von Boch “JACK VOGELHEIDE” they also exhibited my metalsculpture “NO LIMIT!” from the URBAN ART BIENNALE 2015 which received much attention by the visitors.


Since my last soloshow at SCHAUstudio in Koblenz, Germany I couldn’t work on any new pieces.
The reason for this is I am currently rebuilding a new home for me and my family which also includes a studio where I can soon continue to work in a much better way than I had to deal with in the past.
I got plans to install a corner where I can soon offer silkscreen prints and shirts – but first there’s a ton of work ahead.

Hopefully until everything can start again in a fresh environment we will see each other at the KÖLNER LISTE a fair for contemporary art in cologne, germany where I will be exhibited with SCHAUstudio gallery.

So expect to hear from me with fresh new works anytime soon in 2017!

stay tuned…

‘ACCROCHAGE’ at SCHAUstudio, Koblenz

“origins” – Soloshow at SCHAUstudio in Koblenz


Opening reception: 03.09.2016 | 19:00

limited wine bottles

With my solo show I also created the canvas that became the label for the limited wine bottle series.
Available here: Weinkulturgut Longen-Schlöder

off the wall

I printed a 28 page portfolio 21 x 21 cm to show my recent works.
If you are interested in receiving a copy (limited) you can contact me via my contact form.

FEATURE IN “glanzvoll”

A local magazine called “glanzvoll” did a nice interview and printed a 4 page portrait about me and my works in their spring issue.
The article is in german language.

You can find the online e-paper here:

glanz_01 glanz-02


On friday March 11. 2016 the force is strong!
13 artist will show their STAR WARS related artworks at SOLDOUT GALLERY in Bochum, germany.

This is the lineup you are looking for!


On april 22. I will open a soloshow at WeinKulturGut LONGEN-SCHLÖDER in Longuich, Germany.
It’s a wineyard estate which earned many prizes and reckognition in architectual magazines and such.
I will be showing recent and new works on canvas and exhibit some of my metal sculptures.
For the opening reception I will present a commissioned painting to represent the “Wine of the Year” which will label a limited art edition wine bottle series.

Please note that the opening reception is part of a dinner where reservation is needed.
Please visit WeinKulturGut for more informations and reservation.


VINYL TOY ARTIST Compendium | in english more than 440 pages, full color
I am featured with many of my customs I did between 2010 and 2013

Editor: Nan Xia
Art Director: Jianing Yuan

Publisher: DESIGNERBOOKS, Wanchai, Hong Kong
ISBN: 978-988-12232-0-3

To order follow this link


Catalogue | in german 240 pages, full color

Editor Meinrad Maria Grewenig 240 Pages, four-coulor , 24 x 28cm, 1435 g
Edition Völklinger Hütte, 2015

To order follow this link


Catalogue | in german 240 pages, full color

Editor Meinrad Maria Grewenig 240 Pages, four-coulor , 24 x 28cm, 1435 g Edition Völklinger Hütte, 2015

Note: includes all artists and works including “the UrbanArt Parcours”.

To order follow this link

THE SKULL – Icon. Myth. Cult.

As an artist currently featured in the URBAN ART BIENNIAL at the World Cultural Heritage Site at the Völklingen Ironworks – I got asked to create a piece for a show called “THE SKULL – ICON. MYTH. CULT”.
The exhibition features around 250 human skulls and heads from all cultural areas from the Stone Age, the period of Ancient Egypt and up to the present day.

The show also features pieces by HR Giger, items like the crystal skull of “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”, Terminator or the Darth Vader helmet.

The show runs til April 2016.


from june 12th to end of july you can see some metalsculptures and new works on canvas at the SOLD OUT GALLERY in Bochum


Two of my recent sculptures are now in Dubai at the Street Art Gallery to be exhibited in the MAPS TILL YOU DROP Groupshow.
April 4th to April 20th

Who doesn’t like travelling!
Journey gives us grand opportunity to live through our dreams and leaves us with plenty of memories to fill our lives,thats why we all try to bring little something of the places we’ve been and enjoyed
So!How about you have a map of your favorite place whether its a Paris,London,Dubai,Abu Dhabi,Venice,Florence,NYC finished in a way that it becomes piece of street art!
come to check our new show called “maps till you drop”
different maps of the different destinations done by local,french,american,british and other artists…



This year one of my sculptures named “NO LIMIT!” is featured in this important exhibition for urban art.
The line up is a “who is who” of urban artists worldwide and I am proud to be part of that line up.

On Sunday, 29th March 2015, the “UrbanArt Biennale® 2015” will start; it is now the third exhibition of the art which developed from graffiti. Every two years the World Cultural Heritage Site Völklingen Ironworks – European Centre of Art and Industry Culture displays the most important positions and contemporary developments of this young art of the 21st century.

The “UrbanArt Biennale®” at the World Cultural Heritage Site at the Völklingen Ironworks is showing an overview of the current Urban Art scene and the historical roots of Urban Art.

Art works by superstars of the scene will be displayed alongside works by numerous of the young Urban Art artists that are most recognised and appreciated today.

Particular emphasis is being placed on Urban Art in Arab countries and Egypt.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue.


Gallery Zimmerling & Jungfleisch presents selected works by several urban artists.
I am one of the featured artist with my urban sculptures.
You also can see works by artists like Remi Rough, Jef Aérosol, Reso, Hendrik ecb Beikirch, Sen2, Jean Faucheur, Pro176 and many more.

The groupshow takes place from 03.03.2015 – 27.03.2015