Urban Contemporary Art


From the wall into space


Expression of passion


Stitched, Stripped, and Squeezed!


The city of Koblenz in Germany stands architecturally divided, its old town’s narrow streets and cozy courtyards surrounded on all sides by modern expansions.

As such, it seems an appropriate birthplace for Wolfgang Ohlig, whose visual artistry would reimagine traditional concepts with an urban aesthetic. And while Ohlig was born in 1969, it wasn’t until the late 1990s that his VISEone alias emerged, initially exhibiting his creativity as a graffiti writer.

But this shortlived period of his career would be abandoned for musical aspirations, ones that resulted in him being a hip hop DJ and producer with a major record label deal. Though, a decade later, his fine arts side could no longer be denied.

An art journey that has been a true pleasure to follow and take inspiration from. Beautiful flawless work, whatever the platform.
Liam ·