VISEone born 1969 in Koblenz is an urban artist from germany – best known for his lowbrow custom designs of urban vinyl toys which were embraced within the toy niche, as well as crossing over to influential design media like Notcot and Design You Trust.

His works – owned by international collectors – have been shown around the world.

VISEone started his creative path in the late 1990’s as a graffiti writer creating character designs. Due a musical career as a national booked hiphop DJ and producer with a major record deal he took a 10 years break from painting before he stepped back to his creative path in 2007 when he discovered the urban vinyl scene.

Since then he constantly created unique custom works on vinyl platform toys and released several limited editions of his iconic style.

VISEone is best known for his dripping style where he combines his graffiti roots and his love of lowbrow design. He also has a big passion for comics which influenced him heavily for his well known “Comic Stripped” custom series.

He belongs to the top designers in the urban vinyl scene and his works are all sold out and sought after.


2014 – a new path

20 years after VISEone’s last piece on a wall he went back to his roots of graffiti paintings in 2014 but took it one step further:

He creates – part life-sized – sculptures cut and bent out of heavy metal where he peels his classic graffiti tag off the wall and puts it into the open space to show a dynamic and 3-dimensional way of graffiti writing.

2015 he began a series of canvas works and experiments with different styles and techniques to express his love for urban art.

VISEone one doesn’t see himself as a typicall street artist since his last street actions have taken places decades before. But he sure belongs to the urban art scene and just doesn’t get tired of discovering new ways to express himself.